Kudimba’s Objectives

The objective is to create a safe environment for the most vulnerable young people and to provide opportunities to achieve the highest level of independence and integration into normal daily life. This  individually tailored support is offered in a peaceful and friendly setting.

  • The Foundation’s aim is to care for vulnerable teenagers and young adults through caring collaboratively for nature
  • Kudimba wants to increase young people’s potential in future life through offering opportunities to learn; to experience, to work together, to acquire new skills, to earn an income, to gain confidence, to become self-sufficient and to lead a fulfilling and healthy life
  • The goal is to empower vulnerable young people by creating a supportive environment in which they can develop at their own pace and with an intense and individually tailored approach
  • The offered support covers a wide range of skills, from permaculture to interpersonal to general life skills
  • The project provides tailored maternity support for pregnant women who are at risk, for example due to their young age or disability
  • Regular evaluations will be performed to measure the project’s efficacy and progress of the individual aims

Specifically we achieve these goals through providing and supporting with

  • General education
  • Participation in existing education programmes through financial and other means
  • General healthcare and healthcare education
  • Sexual health education, maternity support  and family planning advice
  • Training in general life skills to enable young people to achieve the maximum possible independence and health, skills such as hygiene, healthy nutrition, collaboration in team
  • Specific life skills according to the strengths and interests of the participants
  • Permaculture- agriculture
  • English literacy
  • Computer and internet training
  • Diverse workshops: tailoring, creative projects, cooking, music, etc.

By including young people in every area of the management of this project: garden, household, accounting, building process, publicity, processing of produce, catering, care for and contact with guests, transport, maintenance of our infrastructure, we can offer a wide range of learning opportunities.

Care for others is the key factor; the immense power of peer support in this culture is a quality which we want to maximise in our foundation.