Mission statement

Kudimba’s objectives are diverse and the project’s aims are holistic

Kudimba’s doors are to be kept as wide open as possible. The aim is to create religious and racial harmony within the organisation and in the community. This is achieved by working with young people of all religions, social origins and state of health.

By supporting vulnerable young people we wish to contribute towards

  • Relieving poverty in the Lifuwu and Senga Bay area
  • Decreasing the rate of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections
  • Decreasing the rate of maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity
  • Emphasis is made on supporting education, healthcare and sustainable living
  • Participation in and supporting community development
  • Empowerment of young people to participate in the arts and in sports and physical development
  • Promotion and protection of the environment and animal welfare

Kudimba’s core values are

  • Normalisation: supporting the young people to engage with the rhythms of daily life
  • Socialisation: social integration through education based on a valid set of values to assist teenagers and young adults to find a meaningful place in society
  • Acceptance: everybody accepts each other for who they are
  • Empowerment: focusing on possibilities rather than on limitations

Kudimba’s goal is to become a long-term and sustainable project run by local Malawians.