About Zikomo Accessoires

Essential Zikomo

For many years now, Veerle Mattan and Vicky Claeys from Belgium have made fantastic efforts to support Kunyumba, Kudimba and the local community of Senga Bay.

They came up with the original idea of making jewellery out of recycled bicycle tyres to sell on Belgian markets, fairs, festivals… a gigantic success, ‘Zikomo Accessoires’ was born. Their original designs are creative and beautiful. The fundraising project is completely in line with the basic principles of Kudimba. It makes sense, old bicycle tyres are a cheap and reusable products, recycling them saves mother nature and if you have ever been there you’ll know : plenty of bicycles in Malawi!

By teaching local women, staff members, mothers, aunties, neighbours, even the village Chief’s wife, they empower local women to use their own skills to improve their lives. Although their designs did not always agree with our tastes, the pieces were sold out almost immediately in Belgium. Vicky and Veerle continue their efforts and now also occasionally speak in schools and other locations in Belgium about Zikomo, Kunyumba, Kudimba, Malawi and Africa. They are currently developing a new line of bicycle tyre handbags…exciting!

Vicky & Veerle, a very big Zikomo Kwambiri to you!