About upcycling

For our upcycling project we collect second hand items which we want to give a new life in Malawi. We are mainly interested in items which are impossible to get in Malawi or very expensive to buy: things such as second hand laptops, computers, mobile phones, musical instruments, sewing machines, educational and technical books, tools and hospital uniforms. If they have had a nice life in your home or workplace, we can offer them a much valued second life, where their use will make a change in people’s lives. In Malawi people can make a livelihood out of something that maybe has no value to you anymore.

If you want to donate any of these items please let us know via contact@kudimba.org, the donations will be of great use for educational activities in our Kudimba project. If you have any other items which you think might be useful in Malawi, please let us know and we will think about the possibility of shipping them to Malawi for a new life. Packing things up and shipping them to Malawi requires quite a lot of organisation and of course Kudimba has to pay for the transport, so the investment needs to be worthwhile and the items need to be of decent quality. We do appreciate donations such as clothes, shoes and toys, however it is quite costly to ship those items to Malawi and it is relatively cheap to buy them second hand on the market there. Those items will be very welcome when they are packed in your suitcase if you are a visitor to our project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any query or suggestions about donations:  contact@kudimba.org.

Anyone who is interested to donate towards our up cycling project, your support is very much appreciated and really makes a difference. Our bank account details can be found here.

This is our upcycling list of items which are most needed and most welcome and we will keep updating it :

  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptop chargers
  • Mobile phone chargers
  • Musical instruments
  • Educational and technical books: science, biology, English, health care, anatomy and physiology, electricity, music, mathematics, geography, sexual health education, arts, crafts, car mechanics, computer, …
  • Sewing machines
  • Tools: drills, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, …
  • Hospital uniforms
  • Torches ( wind up or solar powered if possible)

For the third year in a row Oxford Brookes University students and lecturers have collected the hospital uniforms of graduating health care students.

This donation went towards a newly built maternity hospital near Senga Bay. The dresses and tunics were shipped with a charity container from the UK to Malawi. The uniforms are an invaluable donation and a great contribution towards the hospital. Our aim was to ensure that the uniforms arrived safely and for free in the hands of healthcare staff in Malawi.

All  uniforms were carefully washed, wrapped and packed to be stored for many months in the UK until the departure date of the container in March. The shipping took nearly three months and to finally collect the boxes in Salima was very exciting. The container with the hospital uniforms arrived in Malawi in June.
A few days after picking up the boxes we managed to deliver the hospital uniforms to the Pothawira clinic. Kudimba included a much needed laptop for the maternity unit in the donation.

The maternity unit of the Pothawira clinic is under construction. Dr. Maseko is very motivated and the work is in progress. Dr. Maseko and his team are very appreciative of the donation and handing over the uniforms was a wonderful moment. This year Dr. Maseko gave us a guided tour of the maternity unit which is now in the final stages of the development and it looks very promising. We hope that this collection will be happening again in the future.

Zikomo Kwambiri to all of you
Thank you for your help