About Kudimba

A stepping stone for vulnerable teenagers and young adults

Kudimba Foundation is a Social Support and Work Assistance Programme located around an organic fruit and vegetable garden in Salima, Malawi. It is a place where young people come to learn and develop. It builds on the success of the Kunyumba project, a day care centre for vulnerable children established in 2008.

The aim of the Kudimba project is to help older children, teenagers and young adults who cannot flourish without extra support, or who do not have the opportunity of education. It creates a positive environment where they can maximise their potential, learn and develop skills, and lead a fulfilling life.

Young people are offered opportunities to learn, experience, work together, earn an income, gain confidence, and become self-sufficient. This helps to break the generational cycle of vulnerability, including psychiatric problems and disabilities.

In particular, the foundation focuses on general and sexual health education, family planning, and life skills. The objective is to reduce the number of early and unwanted pregnancies, and to teach young people how to protect themselves against rape, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Additionally Kudimba offers practical courses such as computer lessons, reading/writing and language classes.

With the education fund, the project supports young people financially so they can go to college, learn a profession and increase their opportunities.
For young people who are very limited due to their disability Kudimba provides meaningful day care activities and a safe and stimulating environment adapted to their needs.